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CloudExen Biggest Mining Farm

Mining sector is quite a strong sector, although sometimes completely systematic study that require a installation.Our company in 2015 own developed research and development software and bitmain brand devices partnership with the life started. We cloudexen firm 2017 in here is accurate investments thanks to the future years for winked money investment to make and research and development studies to step up, we will continue.

System Rules

All partners can earn %5 %4 %3 %2 %1 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 bonus at 10 depths.The bonus you won at lower depth will distribution by packets equation. There is no condition to earn bonus at first and depth. To earn bonus at 2 depth. Our partners have to make 2 new partners by him/her referance. And our partners have to do investments to earn bonus at 2 depth. And other depth users have to do same rules.


Total Users


Total Investment


Total Shooting

Our Mission

At CloudExen our mission is to deliver to clients wonderful services through our hard working, innovatives services and full commitments to clientsÂ’ satisfactionary. We have a tendency to apply modern fast technology and use a team of extremely experienced professionals to bring clientsÂ’ monetary dreams in to real life. Our passion is to continually work hard to assist clients get the most effective potential value and cut price.

Industry Vision

Our vision is to continuously seek for ways in which to feature worth for our investors and make sure we tend to never lose sight of our company values and core vision. Our targeted senior management team is committed to making sure that our high standards are maintained, our regulation is strict and our complete support is given passion and energy.

Cloudexen is a unique and highly profitable financial institution

CloudExen was established in 2015 and started to share the profit in 2018. Profit share is realized monthly. Working places: Forex - Arbitrage - Digital Advertising Real-Time Bidding