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  • What is cloudExen?
    CloudExen Global is an investment platform.
  • What is the way the company works?
    Each program that the company sells is valid for 1 months.
  • What should I do if I want to leave the system?
    You can leave the company at any time you want to leave a period of 1 months when the 30% deduction is made to pay the bill is cut.
  • Does the company do official business?
    Yes, the work of the company is subject to formal and tax.
  • What is the minimum Balance Pull limit?
    There is a minimum withdrawal limit of $ 15.

Cloudexen is a unique and highly profitable financial institution

CloudExen was established in 2015 and started to share the profit in 2018. Profit share is realized monthly. Working places: Forex - Arbitrage - Digital Advertising Real-Time Bidding