System matrix 3x9 model is working and 5 depth System assigns the first depth automatically and determines a sponsor for others. Only the user who has active package takes place in the team and can share a referance connection link.
There is a package equality balance in the system. User wins %5 bonus out of the team income that is inasmuch as the user's own package amount.
Package time is 30 days and user team income can't win a right for the packages that are finished and passive.

All partners can earn %5 bonus at 5 depths.The bonus you won at lower depth will distribution by packets equation.
There is no condition to earn bonus at first and depth. To earn bonus at 2 depth.
Our partners have to make 2 new partners by him/her referance.
And our partners have to do investments to earn bonus at 2 depth. And other depth users have to do same rules.

We are in the world

We have Users all Over the World